‘Riding the learning wave’ to ‘grow within’ and ‘go beyond’.” 


Mayor John H. Wilson Elementary School is located in Waialae Nui Valley at the foot of the Koolau Mountain Range. It is one of eight schools (six elementary, one middle, and one high) which comprise the Kalani Complex in the Waialae, Kahala, and Kaimuki areas of East Honolulu. 


The total enrollment of Wilson Elementary School is approximately six hundred (600) students. Enrollment has steadily increased over the past several years and has presently stabilized at full capacity of classroom use. Demographics of the student population reflect a slightly different socioeconomic composition than the larger neighborhood community. 


Students mainly come from middle-income families, but the number of students from low income families is steadily rising. There are also growing numbers of students from single parent homes and two income families. The population is ethnically diverse with over two-thirds Asians, one-fourth Caucasians and other ethnic groups, and a little less than one-tenth Hawaiian, Part-Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islanders. Nearly two-thirds of students choose to attend Wilson School on geographic exception in order to benefit from the school’s emphasis on academics, focus on the fine arts, and commitment to high student achievement. 


Wilson School is a Standards-Based Report Card Pilot School. In accordance with the Reinventing Education in Hawaii Act of 2004, it dissolved its School/Community-Based Management (SCBM) Council and instituted the Wilson Elementary School Community Council (WESCC) in January, 2005. The school has been on a modified school calendar since 1995, and continues its on-going mission to provide a safe, nurturing, and wholesome learning environment with varied, enriching opportunities for the education and development of the “whole child.”


ALMA MATER ‘Neath the dome of the great blue sky,
Among the hills of luscious green, 
With Waialae Nui Stream nearby, 
Stands Wilson School, serene. 
Fondly cherished are memories 
Of happy days and friendships, gold. 
John Wilson School, we honor thee, 
And in our hearts, we’ll hold. 
(Composed in 1966 by the 6th Grade Class & Mrs. Doris Yoshioka)