Our Wilson `Ohana encourages us to grow within and nurtures the desire to go beyond.


Our Wilson `Ohana believes. . . • success in education begins with the family and is fostered by an interactive partnership of home, school, and community. • optimum learning takes place in a well-maintained facility free from any harmful and intimidating influences. • in the development of the whole child intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, and creatively. • children develop and learn in different ways. • in creating an environment where learning can be fun. • in providing opportunities, through positive experiences, for self-improvement, recognition, and achievement. • in an atmosphere emphasizing mutual respect and cooperation. • in encouraging lifelong learning.


Our Wilson `Ohana commits to. . . • helping all students progress towards their maximum potential. • educating the whole child. • accommodating different learning styles. • promoting life-long learning. • providing opportunities for students to demonstrate the acquisition of essential skills and the ability to solve problems. • encouraging creativity. • fostering the development of responsible attitudes and positive self concepts.

Attributes of the Ideal Wilson Graduate

The ideal student will be a CRITICAL THINKER, showing creative problem solving techniques which depend on analysis and evaluation of information and which show an understanding of consequences and relationships. The student will demonstrate RESPONSIBLE SOCIAL ATTITUDES by showing respect and consideration for others through a willingness to work together to make things better. The student will be a SELF-DIRECTED LEARNER with a good work ethic, is able to set and achieve goals and is willing to take responsibility for his/her own learning. Our ideal graduate will be a LIFELONG LEARNER, with a joy and curiosity about learning and an understanding that learning doesn’t stop when school is over because of exposure from adults in our `ohana who demonstrate the importance of continued learning. Our student will be a RISK TAKER, with enough self-confidence to try new experiences and persist in solving problems in innovative and creative ways, without fear of failure. The ideal student will show MASTERY OF ESSENTIAL SKILLS, not just in reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also in technology, arts, music, and athletics. Our graduate will be an EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR, face to face, written, with the use of technology, and/or through artistic expression. These seven attributes represent our ideals. . . .(W)e hope to continue to improve the development of these ideals in our Wilson students.