Apr 2014

Screen Brighness

To brighten the screen hold down the “fn” function key and press “F10” to the desired brightness

Laptop Windows Version

You have Windows 7 Professional

System type: 64-bit Operating System

Win 7 Install Printer

1-Get the IP Address for the printer. It is on the white label on the printer. i.e. 10.22.136.??
2-Click on the “Start” button.
3-Select “Devices and Printers”
4-Click on “Add a printer”
5-From the “Add Printer” window select “Add a local printer”
6-Select “Create a new port”
7-Click on the window to the right of “Type of port:”
8-From the drop down window select “Standard TCP/IP Port”
10-In “Hostname of IP address” type in the IP address of the printer that you are installing.
11-Choose your printer from the list or “Windows Update” if it is not listed.
13-You can print a test page to test or

HP Pro Book Touchpad

You can activate and de-activate the touchpad on the HP Pro Book by quickly double-tapping on the top left corner of the touchpad.