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Childcare Considerations for Before & After School


First Grade

First Grade Learning Centers

D1 - Mrs. Suda Computer Science
D2 - Mrs. Waki / Ms. Tuey Computer Science
D3 - Mrs. Yamaguchi Computer Science
D4 - Ms. Sayegusa Computer Science

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Second Grade

Third Grade

Third Grade Learning Centers

F5 - Ms. Tomita
F6 - Mrs. Kunihisa
F7 - Mrs. Okuhara-Onzuka
F8 - Ms. Sugimoto

Aina Food Guide

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Learning Centers

D5 - Ms. Gum
D6 - Ms. Saito
D7 -
Mrs. Haraga
D8 - Mrs. Chang

Fifth Grade

Special Education Department

Technology Center

All students from Kindergarten to the Fifth Grade attend technology sessions in our technology lab every six days on a rotation schedule. Classrooms also have access to one of eight wireless mobile carts for supplemental activities. Students also have access to one of three iPad mobile carts. At Wilson, the focus is on the development of the "Whole Child" where technology is integrated and is a major focus. New this year is the implementation of a new Computer Science curriculum. Besides basic computer technology skills, students will learn the basics of computer programming with tools such as Daisy the Dinosaur, Hopscotch and the activities available on the website. We are the first school in the state to implement this curriculum from Kindergarten through Grade 5.

Kids Voting Hawaii

Staff Intranet

Technology Tips for Staff

Technology Assist

Online Safety

Aloha HSA

Easy CBM

Computer Science - Programming


KidBiz 3000


Library/Media Center

Physical Education Center

Music/Band Center

World Language Center

Hawaiian Studies

Here's the link to the Hawaiian Studies website:

English Language Learners

Wilson School Ohana (WSO)

Staff Support Portal

Annual Notification of Privacy Rights
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