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After School Program Registration Updated 8/23

After School Program List of Classes

Powerscope/HECO Project

Specialty Programs

Wilson School features eight specialty programs. The school follows a six day cycle and students rotate between four specialties on two days of the cycle.

Rotation Schedule:
A - K,3
B - 1,4
C - 2,5
D - 3,K
E - 4,1
F - 5,2

Hawaiian Studies
Library/Media Center
Physical Education


Kindergarten Learning Centers

Parent Questionnaire

F1 - Mrs. Yoshimura
Computer Science
F2 - Mr. Fujimoto
Computer Science
F3 - Ms. Ng Computer Science
F4 - Ms. Saiki
Computer Science

First Grade

First Grade Learning Centers

D1 - Ms Tomita
Computer Science
D2 - Ms. Sayegusa
Computer Science
D3 - Mrs. Yamaguchi
Computer Science
D4 - Mrs. Berrington Computer Science

Second Grade

Second Grade Learning Centers

C1 - Mrs. Nakamura
Computer Science
C2 - Ms. Martinez
Computer Science
C3 - Mrs. Kawahara
Computer Science
C4 - Mrs. Nguyen
Computer Science

Third Grade

Third Grade Learning Centers

F5 - Mrs. Suda Computer Science
F6 - Mrs. Kunihisa Computer Science
F7 - Mrs. Okuhara-Onzuka Computer Science
F8 - Ms. Sugimoto Computer Science

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Learning Centers

D5 - Ms. Gum Computer Science
D6 - Ms. Saito Computer Science
D7 - Mrs. Haraga Computer Science
D8 - Mrs. Chang Computer Science

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Learning Centers

C5 - Mrs. Drown
Computer Science
C6 - Mrs. Machida
Computer Science
C7 - Mrs. Yi
Computer Science
C8 - Mr. Kaneshiro
Computer Science

Special Education Department

Mrs. Faleolo
Mrs. Fujimoto
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Teramae

English Learners

Student Council

Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS-4) Program Documents

Annual Notification of Privacy Rights
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Your rights under the Mckinney-Vento Act
Notice of Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Statement English
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